SAAS Rebrander

SAAS Rebrander Front End: On the front end the customer will receive three separate white label applications of
our best selling applications complete with source code and all marketing materials. The front end price will be $47. There will be a 7-Day Launch Special Coupon of $5 Off.

SAAS Rebrander First Upsell: This will be a $67 one off fee and in this upsell they will get the extra timed trial
module. So they will be able to offer timed trials for the SAAS applications. This will work like all major SAAS sites
and allow the user full access for a set limit of time.

SAAS Rebrander Second Upsell: This will be a $197 charge that will allow the user full resell rights to be able to sell
the software with resell rights. They will get the full funnel just as we have sold it so they can start selling rights to
their customers.

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