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[Group Buy] Marco Rodriguez – eCom PPC Academy


Marco Rodriguez – eCom PPC Academy

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Marco Rodriguez – eCom PPC Academy Original Price: $997 You Just Pay: $49.95 Author: Marco Rodriguez Sale Page_https://www.ecomppcacademy.com/?r_done=1 Make Predictable E-Commerce Sales USE GOOGLE ADWORDS / SHOPPING TO FIND PAYING CUSTOMERS – WITHOUT SPENDING THOUSANDS ON PRODUCT TESTING Why Do You Need This Training Program? 1 Get a Headstart. 2 Sell (Almost) Anything. 3 Learn From Others. 4 Price. 5 Live Campaign Building. Here’s What You’ll Get! The program comes with around 35 constantly updated video lessons to truly master AdWords and apply it to your own business. LIVE Campaign Setup & Testing Yes, I have a “4-Phases Framework” where I built a new AdWords eCommerce campaign from scratch without holding anything back. Watch over my shoulder and copy my strategies! Profitable Keyword Generation Buying-intent is key when selling your products. You will learn how to research the most profitable keywords that will attract paying customers. Irresistible Ads Factory You will learn how to craft incredibly powerful ads that make people WANT to visit your website and buy. Product Research Methods Even on AdWords there are certain products that generally work better than others. Learn how to find and sell them properly. Google Shopping $10k Framework Google Shopping can be one of the most profitable traffic sources for your business. – Learn how to drive hyper-converting customers to your store. The Profit Optimization Once you make money with AdWords it’s great – but achieving a higher ROI is a goal that anyone should have. I’ll teach you how to get WAY more out of your ad spend. SCALING 3X, 4X, 5X And More What’s better than $5,000 in sales per month? $50,000! Learn how to aggressively scale your campaigns, aligning to your budget. Conversion Rate Tactics Learn how to turn your product pages into laser-targeted entries that maximize your conversions and sales. Funnels & Remarketing It’s no secret that funnels can drastically increase your sales and order values. Learn how to build them and how to build strategical remarketing lists that CONVERT. Display Ads Walkthrough Show your ads on the most popular websites and place your videos on super targeted YouTube channels. Here you learn how to do that.

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