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Dave Kaminski – YouTube Mastery 3 Price:  $199 Sale Page: webvideouniversity.com/mastery3 Archive: archive.is/DX4bG WHAT THIS IS ALL ABOUT So you have a YouTube channel. And you’ve never had much luck with it. Or you’ve neglected it. Or it’s low on your list of priorities because you never make any money from it.Or maybe you’re thinking about getting started on YouTube. But you keep procrastinating because you don’t know if it will be worth your effort…after all, it seems like it would take a ton of time to make videos.But what if I told you there was a specific formula you could follow with YouTube…a formula that can skyrocket your odds of success and dramatically slash your odds of failure (along with wasted time). A formula that is easy to use, easy to follow and is 100% legitimate (that means it you won’t get in trouble with YouTube, in fact, it’s what nearly all successful folks on YouTube do to get views and subscribers). And what if I told you that you could start using and benefiting from this formula today…whether you have an existing YouTube channel or are starting a new one from scratch. Would you be interested? I hope so, because I’m excited to tell you more. In fact, I used this formula to get… $4,653 IN SALES, 175 NEW SUBSCRIBERS AND 213 EMAIL OPT-INS IN LESS THAN 7 DAYS FROM A YOUTUBE CHANNEL THAT WAS DEAD Are those numbers off the charts?  No, this formula isn’t a gimmick..there are no overnight riches. But the numbers are real and they prove what this formula can do…in less than a week…when applied to a YouTube channel that was totally neglected and long forgotten. And trust me…because of how this formula works…over time those numbers will start to grow bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger.But let me give you the backstory here. Those numbers are from my Web Video University channel on YouTube. It’s a channel that was only used over the years to test how YouTube videos fared against self-hosted videos.  I never used it to get views or subscribers or make sales. It was my little test lab. Shoot, I hadn’t even uploaded anything to it for well over a year…and the videos I had on it were completely outdated. It was totally neglected and for all intents and purposes, dead (maybe this sounds like your YouTube channel too).Yet, as soon as I started applying this formula to my dead YouTube channel, everything started to change. Almost immediately. Like I said, the numbers aren’t crazy…but without this formula, they would all still be at ZERO. And after all, which would you prefer…ZERO or an extra $4,653 in sales, an extra 213 email opt-ins and an extra 175 channel subscribers (in under a week)? The reason why this formula works so well on any YouTube channel…dead channels, new channels, any channel…is because it’s based around principles that YouTube wants you to use. Not only do they want you to use a formula like this, but they actually reward you for it. For you that means top rankings, more views and more subsuscribers…automatically…without chasing after gimmicks or so-called underground breakthroughs. Plus, you can start getting results from this formula immediately…you don’t need any ninja skills and you don’t have to buy any stuff. And here’s the best part… I’M GOING TO SHARE THIS EXACT FORMULA WITH YOU NOW I lay out the details on how to use this formula in my new course called YouTube Mastery 3.It contains nearly 4 hours of step by step video lessons where I show you exactly how to use this formula for both new and existing YouTube channels. Here’s just a very brief (and I mean brief) overview of what I cover: I’m going to explain to you what I call the “YouTube Life Cycle”…which is the foundation of the formula and the biggest key to success with it. Once you know it, you’ll immediately be ahead of everyone else. I’m going to show you how to properly stalk markets…so you’ll immediately know how to apply this formula to your market for maximum results. I’m going to show you how to properly stalk competitors…so you’ll immediately know what you’re up against and how to beat them. Keywords. This is always causes confusion and uncertainty. So I’m going to show you the exact step by step process you want to use (and no, this has nothing to do with the Google keyword tool). You’re going to learn the 4 specific components you need in every video to go from being a zero to a hero on YouTube. I’m not only going to share with you these 4 components, but I’m going to take you behind the scenes and show you step by step how they were created in my own videos, so you don’t have to guess how to do it. I’m going to show you how to use your own website to give love to YouTube…which YouTube will give you right back. It’s actually a critical part of the formula. I’m going to show you all the little tricks that can dramatically grow viewers and subscribers …and most importantly…turn them into money. I’m going to give you the straight facts on what matters TODAY on YouTube, it’s changed dramatically over the past two years and most people are clueless about it, but by simply following what I teach, you’ll be able to quickly revive a failing channel or start a new channel the right way. Plus a whole lot more…nearly 4 hours worth of highly detailed, step by step lessons on how to use this formula for any new or existing YouTube channel.   I’M ALSO GOING TO SHARE WITH YOU SOMETHING I ALMOST KEPT SECRET… HOW TO INSTANTLY GROW YOUR VIEWS, SUBSCRIBERS AND EMAIL LIST BY 20% OR MORE One of the dilemmas with YouTube has always been monetization.  That means as long as people are on YouTube watching your videos, you’re losing money.  And that’s because as long as they’re on YouTube, you can’t do things like capture their email addresses or sell them your products directly.But what if instead, you could duplicate your YouTube channel ON YOUR OWN WEBSITE…where you could monetize the traffic by capturing email addresses or making one-time offers…and instantly grow your views and subscribers at the same time (often by 20% or more)?You’ll be excited to know that you can.  And I’ll show you how, step by step, in YouTube Mastery 3.  At first I planned to leave this technique out of the training because, well, it was my secret …but I had too many people contacting me asking how I was doing it…so I decided to include it in the training. Even better?  It’s so easy, it takes just minutes and anyone can do it.  And the best part of all? You can put your YouTube channel on your own website whether you use WordPress or regular HTML pages. Let me show you what I mean.  Below you’ll see 3 images.  Go ahead and click on them.  And when you do, you’ll see complete, 100% functioning YouTube channels being run ON MY OWN WEBSITE (not on YouTube).  Go ahead and resize your browser while you’re at it…you’ll see these YouTube channels are 100% responsive and mobile ready too! Remember, I’m going to show you exactly how I do this in the training…all step by step! PLUS…WATCH ME LAUNCH A NEW BUSINESS USING THIS EXACT FORMULA It’s one thing to say “here’s what to do” and it’s another thing to see it in action, in the real world, from the start.As part of the training, you’re going to see me launch a new business on YouTube using exactly what I teach you with this formula.  This business isn’t about marketing or video or anything even close to it.  It’s in a competitive market, I’m completely unknown and will be starting from scratch.You’ll see me research the market to see if it’s worthwhile, stalk my competitors, formulate my game plan, select my keywords, make my videos, setup my YouTube channel and launch the thing. Will it become an instant, viral success overnight?  No way.  I’m showing you reality.  In fact, it will probably be quite unimpressive at first.  But you’ll get to check back and see how over time, this formula can take you from zero to hero on YouTube. And you’ll have an actual, literal example to follow and learn from…not just theory. NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY – I GUIDE YOU THROUGH EVERYTHING STEP BY STEP I totally understand that learning “new stuff” can be intimidating, confusing and leave you wondering if you’re really doing it right.That’s why YouTube Mastery 3 contains nearly 4 hours of step by step instruction.  You literally get to look over my shoulder as I put this formula into action. That means no guesswork for you, instead all you have to do is watch what I show you and repeat it yourself.Plus, you’ll get to see results immediately. That’s because this formula is very visual. When you start using it on your new or existing YouTube channel, your “before and after” results will be black and white. There will be no doubt that the formula is working for you. And you can watch and learn from YouTube Mastery 3 anywhere, any time.  From your laptop, your tablet or even your smartphone. Even better, because I share with you the REAL YouTube channels I’m using in the training, your can check them out at any time for easy reference

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