Ben Adkins – Cold Email Clients

Ben Adkins – Cold Email Clients

Cold Email Clients
Unlock the 10 powerful cold email templates that you can use to engage potential clients without ever leaving home.

What You’re Getting Inside

  • The 6 Parts to a Perfect Cold Email. You’ll learn the key ingredients to how we write cold emails from scratch using 6 important pieces.
  • How not to get Marked as Spam when Cold Emailing: You’ll learn exactly how to avoid the dreaded spam folder when emailing someone for the first time.
  • The Legal Issues with Cold Email: You’ll learn exactly when you can and when you can’t cold email a business owner.
  • How to Find a Business’ “best email address”: You’ll learn how to find the best address to email a potential client.
  • The Perfect time to Send a Cold Email You’ll learn exactly how we determine the best time to send our cold emails so that it doesn’t get buried under other emails.
  • How to Research a Prospect: This will help you select which of the 10 cold email scripts will hit them perfectly and get them to reply.
  • Our 10 “Perfect Cold Emails” Scripts: 1) The “Referred by” Script. 2) The “Common Acquaintance” Script. 3) The
  • “Congratulations” Script. 4) The “Replace or Assist Open Position” Script. 5) The “Bold Bribe” Script. 6) The “Something of Interest” Script. 7) The “Shook your Hand” Script. 8) The “Video Demo w/ Trial” Script. 9) The “QVC Cold” Script. 10) The “Benefits List” Script.
  • [Platinum Only] The Full Cold Email Follow up Logic and Script Package.
  • [Platinum Only] Why you should be following up with every cold email prospect.
  • [Platinum Only] How to decided what script to followup with.
  • [Platinum Only] Our 18 Powerful Followup email Templates (we use these to always have something to send to a prospect and to stay “top of mind”. This is important because they it helps them remember who we are when we call to schedule a meeting)

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