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Stephen Gilbert & Simple Spencer – Secret Affiliate Intel   Price: $297 You Just Pay: $47 Sale Page: http://secretaffiliateintel.com/30spots.html It’s Live! We’re Opening Up 30 Spots ONLY To This Brand NEW 4-Figure/day Training + 6-Week Coaching Program… Only a few of Stephen’s 5k coaching clients have had access to this insider “Intel”… Until now… Here’s EVERYTHING You’re Getting Inside Secret Affiliate Intel… (Easily 5k+ VALUE… that’s what others have paid…) 4-Figure/day Secret Formula With this formula, you simply cannot lose.. This is fantastic because.. Now you can finally CRUSH it as an affiliate even if you have no list, and no experience This is the EXACT formula that Stephen only shared with his 5k clients. Now it’s YOURS Not only will you make life-changing affiliate commissions with this, but you’ll also be topping affiliate leaderboards & winning BIG cash prizes.. The 90 Min POWER Session Stephen & Spencer spill their best-kept secrets… This is awesome because.. In 90 quick minutes, we reveal our #1 PROVEN affiliate strategies.. No stone left unturned Anyone who listens to this and follows it can seriously make 3-4 figures by tomorrow (even if you have a teeny tiny list)… This one 90 min call by itself makes this offer soooo worth it.. (you’ll agree once you see it) The 10k In 7 Days Template August 2016 CASE STUDY + Template… This is great because.. We take you behind-the-scenes to show you EXACTLY how Stephen raked in over $10k in PURE affiliate commissions in just 7 days Imaine if you made just 1/10th of that… $1k in 7 days from now would be nice, ya? Even if you don’t have a list right now, this PROVEN template is a must-have in your arsenal… Fill In The Blank Email Templates These templates make writing emails a BREEZE… This is excellent because… This is the SAME sheet that Stephen gives to his students who pay him $5k to teach them how to do this. You get it included.. How to “sell” without actually selling – often referred to as soft selling. Exactly how to have a hugely profitable campaign, even if you have zero experience Snap Affiliate Profits Over 1000+ copies sold – Yours FREE This is great because… This course will show you how to build a list of RABID buyers (and fans) for less than $5 Just 20-30 minutes and you can easily bank $75 with this method.. not too shabby! Simple 4-step method that you can easily rinse and repeat And… “That’s Not All!” You’re also getting instant access to these powerful bonuses… The Profit Close Template So many marketers do this wrong… (and they leave a LOT of money on the table) This is powerful because.. This shows you how to close out an offer STRONG and get the most $$$ out of it Everything is revealed step-by-step on how to write a powerful closing campaign.. You can 2x or even 3x your sales just with this This is the same exact sheet that Stephen gives to his 5k clients How To Get 40-50% Conversions No more teeny tiny conversions… This is great because.. This is THE EXACT mailing template that Stephen used to make $10,000 in 7 days in PURE affiliate commissions (August 2016 case study) Literally all you have to do is fill in the blanks It also includes when you should mail for maximum benefits, so you get those insane 35-50% conversion rates The SAI Checklist The only people that have seen this Checklist are Stephen’s 5k clients. This is awesome because.. Simply fill this out and BOOM – you have a video that CONVERTS like crazy.. I haven’t made a video that didn’t follow this sheet in over 2 and a 1/2 years now. And in those 2 1/2 years, I’ve made over $300,000 in net profit affiliate commissions. This makes creating videos that sell a breeze. You can use it to make your own videos, or use it to interview others. It’s Stephen’s secret weapon. Super Simple Buyers List A buyer lead is 10x more valuable than other garbage leads… This shows you how to get them. This is fantastic because… Spencer reveals his secret method to building a red hot buyers list without ever creating/launching your own product Exactly where to go to leverage off of other people’s traffic how to ‘legally’ and ‘ethically’ collect other people’s hot buyer leads WEEKLY Coaching Calls LIVE w/Stephen & Spencer (Two 7-figure marketers) This is awesome because… You’re getting TWO 7-figure marketers for the price of one.. These sessions will be chalk-full of powerful strategies to help you get those 4 figure paydays These LIVE coaching sessions will go on for the first 6 weeks of your training so we can help you avoid roadblocks