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Get NLPTimes – Creating Your Own NLP right now!

“Who Else Wants To Learn The Secret Strategy For Creating Your Own NLP… So You Can Become A Recognised Expert, In Demand Change Agent Or Thought Leader; Skilled At Creating New NLP Techniques, Applications And Highly Effective Strategies That Can Be Used By Thousands… Earn You Money And Transform The Lives Of Your Friends, Family & Clients… Guaranteed”

Finally Anyone Can Learn The Fast Track & Proven Strategy For Creating Your Own NLP

Dear Friend,

  • Are you interested in learning how you can create new NLP techniques, strategies and NLP applications?
  • Are you interested in connecting up ideas in new and novel ways that are designed to produce specific behavioral results for your friends and clients ?
  • Do you want to discover the key heuristics, thought process and step-by-step strategy that the world’s leading NLP teachers use to generate a near endless variety of new NLP content and processes?
  • Have you spent perhaps years learning NLP techniques and processes but don’t know how you can create new strategies and tools for yourself or others?
  • Are you interested in learning how to create your own NLP processes; perhaps becoming a thought leader, recognised expert or change agent who speaks at conferences?
  • Are you an NLP enthusiast who is interested in peeking behind the curtain and learning secrets about NLP that few people will ever know?

If you answered YES to any of the above then this sales letter could be the most important letter you read this year.

You see many NLPers think coming up with new NLP techniques or processes are just for the gifted or super talented NLPers.

However the truth is…

Go Behind The Curtain
Discover A New World Of Possibilities For Using NLP

Maybe 1 in 10,000 ever get to to discover the secrets behind NLP. Secrets about how the tech really works and how new NLP processes are invented.

Will you be one of them?

So guarded are these secrets that even many master trainers I’ve meet do not know them. For decades this vital bit of NLP learning has been obscured, kept out of reach of 99% of students of NLP.

Most students are aware of the long list of techniques that NLP have become famous for.

Tools like:

  • The Meta Model
  • The Framing Tool
  • The Swish Pattern
  • Timeline Patterns
  • Fast Phobia Cure
  • Belief Change Pattern
  • Compulsion Blowout

And many more.

Yet the lack understanding of why and how the techniques work.

Or how to create their own.

But the possibility to create new and more powerful techniques (and master the existing ones you’ve been exposed to) is for the first time open to all.

And finally you can be part of it.

It requires a change in mindset. It starts by realising…

It’s Not About Luck.
It’s About Doing Things In A Better Way

In NLP we know that feeling great or feeling unhappy is not about luck. It’s the consequence of doing things in a specific way with your mind and body. Every thought, feeling or action are treated as a behaviour. And once you know the “code” that triggers a specific response in someone you can learn how to trigger it on cue.

The magic is in the experience the client is moved through.

Each NLP process is designed to move a person through an experience that helps them shift or change how they code their experience.

Done well – change becomes quick, easy and lasts.

It’s not about luck. It’s about doing things in the right way.

It starts with discovering the “creator’s code” for how to create your own NLP.

NLP that changes and transforms those who interact with it.

Up until now there has never been a public source that has taught you the step-by-step strategy, known by only a handful of elite trainers, on how to create your own NLP for fun, profit or change.

That’s about to change…

How “Creating Your Own NLP” Came About…

For over twenty five years Master Trainer Michael Breen has been deep in the trenches of NLP… figuring out ways on how to apply it in all types of contexts from Advertising to TV to boardrooms, from huge training events to one to one personal change contexts.

From running seven figure international training programs for large clients to working with celebrities, Michael has proven that he is a true master with the technology of NLP.

Throughout this time he has gone way beyond the traditional toolset and has refined it in new and interesting ways.

He has created numerous tools, models and applications such as:

  • The Framing Tool
  • Conversational Timelines
  • The High Performance Coaching Model
  • The Hidden Submodality change process
  • The One Strategy That Always Works
  • Training Design & Group Facilitation Model
  • The society of NLP’s first ever Business Practitioner and Master Practitioner courses in the UK
  • And many others

After teaching over 25,000 students, co-founding the world’s largest NLP training school and generating numerous useful applications for applying NLP…

Michael kept getting asked one simple question…

People wanted to know what’s the strategy for creating NLP so you can:

  • Come up with new techniques
  • Generate new NLP content and processes
  • How to translate formal NLP techniques into everyday conversational contexts
  • How to create new and novel NLP applications that solve common everyday problems in business, coaching, sports etc.

The fact that almost no-one knew how, perturbed him.

But the reason why was clear…

Almost All Students Are Stuck With Two Limited Choices…
(Why The Strategy Was Only Known To An Elite Few)

For the past forty years there have been only two primary ways you could learn how to develop your own NLP:

  1. 1Spend years and years and years on trial and error learning trying to figure it out for yourself
  2. 2Be taken under the wing of a true NLP master and typically pay tens of thousands in fees to learn the secret strategy that only a handful of elite teachers know.

Essentially this meant that nearly everyone who enters the field of NLP is on the outside track of ever being able to come up with new techniques or processes themselves.

You are always left dependant on others.

Think about it – nearly every person who has made a significant contribution to the field of NLP did so after spending years working with… or around one of the co-founders of the field.

And the problem when all you can do is follow a technique without understanding how the techniques work means:

  • You don’t know what to do next when it does not work.
  • When problems arise don’t have an obvious existing technique you can use; you are flummoxed.
  • You suffer the frustration of not being able to translate overt techniques to conversational contexts.
  • You pay large fees to attend multi-day trainings in the hopes of learning some new techniques, but are never taught how to create the techniques or new applications for yourself.
  • When the obvious step 1, 2, 3 methods fail, you are left handicapped as to how you can make changes for yourself or your clients. You experience confusion and frustration. You feel like you should be able to do better.
  • You never get to experience the joy, recognition and financial rewards as a creator of a new technique or application which you can use train others in.

This is true for almost everyone who doesn’t know how to create techniques for themself.

Up until now, unless you choose either of the high cost paths above, there was no where else you could learn how to create your own NLP.

That route and all the benefits it entails was closed off to you until NOW.

After years of requests from students to “share the secret” Michael
put together a ONE TIME ONLY– two day workshop called…

Get NLPTimes – Creating Your Own NLP on Hugelore.com right now!

“Creating Your Own NLP”
The Doorway To A World of New Possibilities…

Michael calls it “Creating Your Own NLP for fun, profit – and change.”

Once you get access to the elite strategies and principles taught and combine it with your own life experience then new worlds of possibilities to improve your life or the lives of others will appear.

And you will be able to create your own NLP.

That’s what this course is about.

Wheather you just want to take your skills and knowledge up several levels, so you can create results and changes faster. Or if you desire to become a recognised expert in your field, an elite coach or trainer then the material taught in this course will be immensely valuable to you.

You’ll get access to the very same strategies Michael and other elite NLP masters use to create bespoke solutions, custom interventions and entire new techniques and models.

Insights, strategies and distinctions you can’t find anywhere else.

Inside this training Michael teaches the little known expert strategies that only a rare and elite group of master trainers know for creating your own NLP. You will learn the same strategy that he he has used for over two decades that have been central to him and peers like him creating so many new techniques and processes.

The two goals of the training are:

  1. Learn how to create your own NLP techniques and innovative applications.
  2. Discover how to unpack existing techniques and figure out how they work so you are never stuck in figuring outhow to apply them to another context.

Discover How To Create Your Own NLP

Ever since Dr. Richard Bandler and John Grinder created the first models in NLP, practitioners have been curious to know how it is possible to create your own NLP techniques.

This training teaches you the explicit strategy how to create your own NLP.

All the key parts of the strategy are laid out overtly for you to use and apply.

Inside this exciting training you will:

Discover the little known but powerful strategy used to invent new concepts and techniques. NLP techniques to date have been used to help millions of people around the globe.
Learn the major design principles to creating new processes and techniques so you can switch your thinking to generate your own NLP with ease
Discover the number one distinction that you MUST have if you want to be able to produce processes that really work (many people end up creating processes that never work because they don’t understand this one crucial distinction).
Learn the key role of proprioception and synaesthesia patterns have on influencing how people experience reality and why it’s important when designing and inventing new techniques
Discover the step-by-step process used by expert communicators to create powerful experiences for others and mass hypnotize millions (if you ever wondered why guru’s seem to have the perfect model that fits your limitation this section will be eye-opening and cause you to re-consider many long held views that have been holding you back)
Learn Michael’s pattern for constantly finding novel and cool stuff to generate ideas from (when you have wired this up for yourself you will see opportunities to create new processes everywhere)
Learn the benefits of “going pro” on your life and making up your own NLP (Going Pro has been one of the key distinctions Dr. Richard Bandler and other great NLPers have demonstrated over and over again to generate new and novel processes)
Find out why you always want to “get out of your head” when designing new NLP techniques (do this and you’ll avoid one of the biggest design problems many NLPers make)
Learn the real function of maps and models and why as an NLPer you always want to distinguish the differences between the maps and models you create… (most NLPers don’t and so find it difficult to apply a technique in another context, you won’t)

Over Turn Old Ideas About NLP

Discover which TWO of NLP’s most famous models don’t exist that every expert knows but most NLPers don’t. Holding these models as true causes no end of confusion for many students
What key questions to ask when reverse engineering how any technique or process works (when you learn this you’ll be able to reexamine any technique and figure out what makes it work. You will also be a more skilled NLPer and technique creator)
Hear the expert strategy Michael uses to over turn many long held but outdated ideas within the technology of NLP (this strategy is used by those in the field who constantly move the dial of what’s possible)
Discover how you can use limitations and problems as resources
Uncover what flawed assumptions you have about NLP… when you do this you’ll instantly understand why you have been having difficultly making some processes work and what you can do to make your results much better

Learn Powerful New Strategies For Generating New Techniques

Discover the two primary processes for how to change beliefs
Learn the “strategy of strategies” used across cultures for wiring up ideas
Learn about the NUMBER 1 intervention you will want to do when working with clients tormented by their problems
Learn the creativity strategy that Michael elicited from a poet paid 1 million pounds that you can use to generate ideas easily
Find out how deep you need to move your thinking to design techniques that work. Michael provides in depth examples while working with training participants to show you exactly how to move from idea to a step-by-step NLP strategy for making your processes work and be teachable to others
Discover the one powerful heuristic called “inversion of processes” that can help you generate new ways of doing things so you are never stuck wondering how to come up with new ideas
Learn the process for how to pull apart any structure so you can identify which pieces are critical and which are unnecessary to get the result (this is a excellent skill to have for any NLPer)
Find out how well known patterns like the phobia cure, swish patterns and others work (this will greatly help you when thinking through how to make your own techniques work)
Find out which questions you need to ask when testing out if a new strategy or process you have designed will function
Discover the step-by-step expert strategy used by the pros to create powerful new tools and processes

By the end of the training you will have the same strategy used by elite NLPers to create your own NLP.

What You Will Receive

Upon ordering you will receive:

  • The complete recordings of the live two day workshop, divided into 17 expertly edited tracks in an instant download
  • Each recording is saved in MP3 format which you can listen to on your iPhone, computer or mp3 player
  • Each recording is divided into easy to listen bite-sized chunks so you can review the most relevant distinctions, strategies and demonstrations over and over again
  • An eleven page training assignments PDF. With this document you begin applying what you’ve learned right away – assignments include

– Figuring out what exactly you really want when creating your own NLP

– Developing your own NLP inventory – so you can transform your skills with the toolset

– Generating new ways for working with people who have difficultly starting and finishing tasks

– Generating several ways of doing your favorite NLP technique

By the end of this training you will have already started:

  • to develop your own NLP
  • come up with new and novel ways to do existing techniques
  • taken your level of skill and understanding of how the technology connects to a much higher level

How Much Does Creating My Own NLP Cost?

Answer: Not much at all… compared to the potential life-long benefits you’ll enjoy as a top flight NLPer who can create your own NLP

If you’re wondering, “how much does “Creating Your Own NLP” cost?

Then I’m pleased to say that it’s not much at all when you think about the benefits of becoming a top flight NLPer who creates his or her own NLP.

Because knowing what Michael teaches in this course will allow you to:

  • Understand how the technology works in a whole new context.

Where others are confused about how techniques work you will have the skills and knowledge to know how to unpack how they work. No other course teaches you this.

  • Develop new techniques and processes that other people have never seen or heard of.

Your sense of confidence in using the technology really well – grows.

You could become one of the rising stars in NLP. Being a contributor to the filed is not just for those who were around in the early days of the field. It’s open to anyone who creates something novel and useful that others can benefit from.

  • Create bespoke interventions for your clients

Instead of being stuck when an existing technique doesn’t work for a client – you will be able to generate tailor made interventions for your clients. Your clients will love you for it.

You’ll stand out as a leading coach, consultant or hypnotist that “get results” where other NLPers have tried and failed.

How good would it feel to be a recognised leader in your area?

  • No longer be limited to other people’s recipes

Unlike 99.9% of all NLPers – you will have the skills and strategies to be able to create new techniques or recipes for yourself.

This is what the elite pros, change agents and NLPers do. You too can enjoy the freedom and expert status that comes from being a “contributor” to field of NLP.

  • Reverse engineer existing techniques and create alternative ways of doing them

Being able to reverse engineer existing techniques and figure out how they work is REALLY useful skill. Because you will be able to figure out how to apply an overt technique to a different context. Such as how to apply the swish pattern, timelines or phobia cure to cover contexts.

This is exactly what Michael and other students have done.

This knowledge is the missing key for many NLPers and without it you’ll always be limited to only being able to do overt processes.

  • Generate new material which you can teach or present to others

Do this and you can get paid many, many times your investment. Perhaps earning tens or hundreds of thousands of pounds.

In fact, like many others who have done this – this is one of the fastest ways to become known as an expert in your area of NLP.

Be the “go to person” for that skill and get paid for training others in your techniques and processes.

Get NLPTimes – Creating Your Own NLP right now!
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