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Keith Krance – Facebook Momentum For Agencies & Consultants Price:  $397 You Just Pay: $25 Sale Page:_http://dwm.dominatewebmedia.com/fb-momentum Is It Really Possible to Generate 612 Leads @ $1.20/Lead in Just 7-Days for a Brand New Business on Facebook… Using a Simple Repeatable Customized Marketing System… Crafted from Spending Over $2.6 Million/Month in Facebook Ad Spend? Hi, I’m Keith Krance… Author of the #1 Best Selling Book “The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising”, the host of the highly acclaimed podcast “Perpetual Traffic”, and founder of Dominate Web Media (a full-service Facebook Advertising Agency, Consulting, and Online Education Company) Over the last several years I’ve been lucky enough to work with thousands of clients… from some of the biggest names in the Information Marketing… to people wanting to leave their current job and start their own business… from incredibly successful eCommerce Brands… to small Local Business owners… To show you how Facebook can transform your business… literally overnight… I have an incredible Facebook case study to share with you… But firstly… Want to Know the 3-Biggest Mistakes People Make When Starting Facebook Advertising? Biggest Mistake #1: Targeting The quality & amount of data Facebook collects is absolutely incredible.  A quote from MIT’s Technology Review states “Facebook has collected the most extensive data set EVER assembled on human social behavior”… … and as a business owner having access to this wealth of data and the ability to pin-point your ads to a highly-targeted audience is truly a marketer’s dream. So it’s no wonder people get enamored with the potential targeting & retargeting options on Facebook… But believe it or not targeting is NOT the most important element for success or on Facebook… What most people don’t realize is when it comes to taking your business to the next level… HERE’S WHAT YOU GET Over 36 Training Videos The Facebook Momentum Funnel Success Roadmap 7 Unique Checklists, Worksheets & Action Guides Video Transcripts Lesson 1. Welcome to the Facebook Momentum Lesson 2. Understanding What Works on Facebook Lesson 3. The One Hour Set-Up Guide Lesson 4. Your Facebook Action Plan Lesson 5. Creating Your Facebook Hook & Offer Lesson 6. 30-Minutes to Your Perfect Audience Lesson 7. Building Your First Like Campaign Lesson 8. Optimizing Your Like Campaign Lesson 9. Killer Lead Magnet Creation (not needed for Local & Service Businesses) Lesson 10. Beginner’s Guide to the Facebook Pixel Lesson 11. Your Simple Facebook Selling System Lesson 12. Building Lead Generation Campaigns Like a Boss Lesson 13. Optimizing & Scaling Your Lead Generation Campaigns