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Joanna Wiebe – 10x Landing Pages 2.0 Original Price: $997 You Just Pay: $69.95 Author:Joanna Wiebe Sale Page :_http://training.copyhackers.com/p/10xlpch http://archive.is/gDotC Product Delivery : You will receive a receipt with download link through email. Proof Download: https://mega.nz/#!3XIQWSpa!6UhgZ_0_DRLlXRJOUwHyHzKmJUNPAB4s6uGUGuayV2c Download instruction: https://www.screencast.com/t/927brSporH 10x Landing Pages 2.0 GIVE YOURSELF A COMPETITIVE EDGE WITH LANDING PAGE COPY THAT CONVERTS Even if you’re new to copywriting… you’ve struggled to make sense of what the hell goes on a landing page… your idea of a campaign is an ad and a prayer… and your history of writing has been accompanied by such side effects as upset stomach, diarrhea and night sweats… Your Instructor Joanna Wiebe The original conversion copywriter, Joanna has optimized web and email copy for the likes of Wistia, Buffer, Crazy Egg, Neil Patel, Shopify, Indochino, Invision, Tesco and countless others. She’s been invited to teach conversion copywriting on the stages of Mozcon, Heroconf, SearchLove, CXL Live, CTA Conf, SydStart, Problogger, DCI Summit, Authority, Microconf, Wooconf, Business of Software and dozens more. The CEO of Freelancer.com and Warrior Forum, Matt Barrie read Joanna’s ebooks on a flight back to Australia, promptly told his team to read them, promptly invited Joanna to be interviewed for his massive audience, and promptly proclaimed – without a word of prompting – “These ebooks changed my life.” And when Brian Clark – one of the best known copywriters on the planet – wanted to hire someone to optimize his copy for Rainmaker, Digital Commerce Institute and Authority, guess who he hired. Yup: Joanna. She is the cofounder of Copy Hackers. The Curriculum START HERE How to use this course to write more landing pages that perform better (19:57) MODULE 1: Starting Your Process How to use Module 1 (2:40) The conversion copywriting approach and process (26:29) Before You Write – Think like a successful copywriter (1:56) Conversion Copy – Move the prospect to act (5:35) Barriers to Conversion – Fight back with copy (10:18) Stages of Awareness – Understand prospect mindsets (2:34) Rule of One – Engineer consistently great copy (2:13) One Reader – Write for your ideal prospect (4:08) One Big Idea – Find your most powerful benefit (1:38) One Promise – Amplify your guarantee (9:05) One Offer – Match your offer to your reader (2:06) The AI Spectrum – Identify awareness and influence intent (3:46) Where Does It Hurt? – Identify and kill prospect pain (5:02) End-of-module exam MODULE 2: Finding Your Message How to use Module 2 (4:24) Where Do I Start? – Ask the right questions (7:42) Surveys – What to say (and how to say it) to find deeper reasons (9:19) On-site Polls – Learn what works and what doesn’t on your page (4:37) Review Mining – Listen to what your prospects are saying (3:23) Usertesting.com – Optimize pages by watching people use them (2:46) Interviews – Explore deep motivators with first hand emotion (4:58) End-of-module exam Bonus: Letter-writing exercise, part 1 (6:13) Bonus: Letter-writing exercise, part 2 (4:15)