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The Graduation Framework, including Graduation Testing, Optimising and Scaling is the backbone to my success with Facebook ads the last 4-5 years.
The 3 secrets behind the Graduation Framework are:

1. The 3Rs – Relationship, Rapport, Relevance
2. Graduation Testing
3. ROAS and LTV based Scaling

Here What You’ll Get:

  • Account setup: business managers, accounts, pixels, data, insights, funnels, templates and more!
  • Audience supercharged: how to get started from scratch through to clever use of custom audiences, lookalikes and structured testing PLUS a MEGA LIST of audiences you can use TODAY!
  • Ace your creative games: learn what it takes to make your ads REALLY work in Facebook using tried and tested copywriting guidance and developing the right creative formats to reduce costs and increase conversions
  • Fast & Furious testing: use the same systems I use to test products, audiences and creatives FAST without wasting time and money. The foundation of successful scaling
  • Laser targeting optimisation: maximise profits with every ad, ad set and campaign to squeeze lower CPA and higher ROAS
  • Sales funnel conversion – a breakdown of tools and techniques to improve results through conversion rate improvements in your sales funnel. You’re paying for your traffic so pay close attention to your website!
  • Scaling Strategies – you don’t need to be an expert to setup an account and find winning audiences and creatives, however scaling requires a different approach. I’ll share the techniques I use to scale and importantly show you what to look out for when your ad set encounters issues (and they always do!)
  • Automation & rules – use tech to make the right decisions at the right time without you having to continually check-in giving you valuable time back to work on your creative, marketing and ecom store
  • LTV/ROAS magic: Tricks and tips on increasing profit not just revenue through your store
  • Full videos, swipes, downloads and a course which remains up to date as it’s the same material we use in my agency!

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