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Brandon Gaille – The Blog Millionaire 2016 Price: $397 You Just Pay: $27 Sale Page:_http://theblogmillionaire.com/#id4 Learn From a Master Blogger Who Built His Blog Traffic From Zero to 2 Million Monthly Visitors After Overcoming Major Adversities, Brandon Created a Blogging System that Produced Incredible Results FROM BRAIN TUMOR TO 1 MILLION After a brain tumor left him physically and mentally disabled, Brandon overcame the odds to regain his health so that he could help his pregnant wife beat breast cancer. Three years later he launched his blog, BrandonGaille.com. Within four months, his blog had surpassed 100,000 monthly visitors. Less than two years after his first post, there were over 1 million business owners reading Brandon’s blog every month. 3 MILLION+ MONTHLY VISITORS Before Brandon launched his blog, he spent six months studying the most successful blogs across all industries. From his extensive data analysis, Brandon was able to build a system for creating blog properties that produced significant traffic and revenue. After his own blog started to have success, Brandon began creating blogs for all of his clients. Within a year, his blogs and his clients’ blogs were receiving over 3,000,000 visitors every month. A COURSE THAT BREEDS SUCCESS The overwhelming success of his blog system led Brandon to create The Blog Millionaire online course to guide bloggers and businesses down the same proven path of success that his clients pay him up to $100,000/year for. Brandon’s Blogging Course is an MBA in Online Marketing Delivered in 13 Easy to Learn Video Modules