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[Group Buy] Andrea Holland & Sarah Elder – PRTraction Coaching Program (Building Authority 2017)


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Andrea Holland & Sarah Elder – PRTraction Coaching Program (Building Authority 2017) Price: $4000 You Just Pay: $49.95 Author: Andrea Holland & Sarah Elder Sale Page :_https://www.prtraction.com/program-details/ Product Delivery : You will receive a receipt with download link through email. COACHING PROGRAM DETAILS WHAT WE DO: We help entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and consultants build authority and credibility without the high price of retaining a PR firm. HOW WE DO IT: We take clients through a 6-week PR coaching program. Each week is full of tips and knowledge to guide you through your larger strategy and focus on what you need to do to leverage existing audiences, share your message and turn readers into results. WEEK 1: HOW TO LEVERAGE EXISTING AUDIENCES & BUILDING YOUR CONTENT STRATEGY WITH AN END GOAl Create a workflow that will organize you through the next 6 weeks of coaching Gain clarity on who you are talking to and identify key audiences that would benefit from your expertise Focus on outlining a go-to media strategy that includes larger goals and tactical steps you will take Begin building your winning approach for the media WEEK 2: HOW TO SUCCESSFULLY PITCH PUBLICATIONS Learn who you should be reaching out to at a variety of outlets and why Find out what key indicators to look for when seeking outlets that will accept your ideas Understand the process of writing a successful pitch Leveraging your own research skills to find target gatekeepers WEEK 3 + 4: PR-WRITING: ADDING VALUE VS. SELF PROMOTION Raise the bar on how you create quality content that benefits readers Customize your content for outlets even if you’ve never worked with an outlet before Master the subtle art of business or brand promotion in your writing Avoid the traps of self-serving writing WEEK 5: TURNING YOUR READERS INTO LEADS AND SALES Take readers from the page back to your website How to monitor and capture new leads WEEK 6: CREATING YOUR EDITORIAL VAULT Build your own content vault so that you don’t have to recreate the wheel every time you want to work with the media Collect ideas that you can repurpose for your ongoing PR efforts WHEN IT’S OVER When it’s over, you will have a full system in place that will allow you to use PR as a strategy to boost your authority and credibility in your space, get qualified leads and gain paying clients.